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The following performance calculations are available on airgas instances:

Calculation Reference Output Tags
Total Coal Flow   .totalCoalFlow.use
Total Milling Power   .totalMillPower.use
Total PA Flow   .totalPaFlow.use
Total SA Flow   .totalSaFlow.use
Milling Power to Coal Flow   .millPowerCoalRatio.use
PA Flow to Coal Flow   .PaFlowCoalRatio.use


Motor Energy

$$motor \ energy = \frac{\sqrt{3} \times pf \times v \times A}{1000}$$

In CAS terms:

$$ob.c2in.energyFlow.use = 3**0.5 * ob.powerFactor.use * ob.c2in.amps.use / 1000.0$$

Total Coal Flow

$$Total\ Coal\ Flow = \sum mills\_output\_fuelflow$$

In CAS terms:

$$Total\ Coal\ Flow = \sum mill.coalIn.massFlow.meas$$

Total Milling Power

$$Total\ Milling\ Power = \sum mills\_load$$

In CAS terms:

$$Total\ Milling\ Power = \sum mill.motor.c1in.energyFlow.use$$

Total PA Flow

$$Total\ PA\ Flow = PAF\_A\ outlet\ air\ flow + PAF\_B\ outlet\ air\ flow$$

In CAS terms:

$$Total\ PA\ Flow = paf\_a.c1out.massFlow.use + paf\_b.c1out.massFlow.use$$

Total SA Flow

$$Total\ SA\ Flow = FDF\_A\ outlet\ air\ flow + FDF\_B\ outlet\ air\ flow$$

In CAS terms:

$$Total\ SA\ Flow = fdf\_a.c1out.massFlow.use + fdf\_b.c1out.massFlow.use$$

Milling Power to Coal Ratio

$$milling \ power \ ratio = \frac{motor \ energy}{coalin \ massflow}$$

In CAS terms:

$$ob.millPowerCoalRatio.use = ob.totalMillPower.use / ob.totalCoalFlow.use$$

PA Flow to Coal Flow

$$PA \ Flow \ Ratio = \frac{PA \ Flow}{Coal \ Flow}$$

In CAS Terms:

$$ob.PaFlowCoalRatio.use = ob.totalPaFlow.use / ob.totalCoalFlow.use$$

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