Synengco’s software product, SentientSystem, gives businesses the ability to automate knowledge, through the use of real time data, learned behaviour and historical data.

SentientSystem utilizes a particular business’s data and knowledge and brings it into a single digital environment to create a digital twin of the business.

As the software uses model-based decision making, we can actually make decisions based on running different scenarios and evaluating those scenarios in the digital twin environment, without impacting the working business.

The model is self-learning and self-maintaining, so we essentially have a fundamental simulator of an operation that uses the knowledge and data that exists within that operation.

SentientSystem establishes the connectivity between elements in a business process and learns their relationship through the behaviour of knowledge and data, transferred between those elements.

The concept of SentientSystem is to make better use of the real-time data that’s already available.

The data and massive amounts of knowledge available worldwide to better improve our individual operations, is pulled together in the Sentient platform. We use the digital twin simulator to show what we expect would happen under different circumstances and then we compare that with what’s actually happening.

SentientSystem provides an early warning system by detecting change either in a behaviour or in data. This enables the recognition of threats or opportunities, and the digital twin utilized to run different scenarios in response to determine the impact on the whole of system.

At this point, our software provides decision support, alleviating the risks of implementing strategies in business without first testing them. SentientSystem continuously scans for opportunities to increase efficiency and real time optimization.

Our clients agree that many insights into the behaviour of their business, the identification of opportunities and threats and the ability to evaluate the impact of each scenario and its ripple effects on their business, is what sets SentientSystem apart from other providers.

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