Building your capabilities

We build four core capabilities within organisations: modelling, monitoring, prediction, and optimisation.

Each of these work together to automate routine analysis and tasks to give more time to people.


To effectively understand an operation and the assets it uses, we first work to logically represent it in a flexible information model.

Instead of buying solutions and contorting your assets and processes to fit pre-defined standards, we model the operation first then map data and configure the solution to suit the problem.


Once we’ve got a grip on the operation, we begin monitoring it. We use a variety of analysis techniques to keep an eye on the performance of assets and derive extra information about the current operation.


With some fundamental knowledge and historical data about an operation, we can start to use machine learning to predict how it will perform under different circumstances. This allows us to provide an early warning system for potential issues, in turn giving you time to make good, proactive decisions about how to deal with issues before they happen.


The monitoring and prediction gives us a great understanding of where the operation is now and where it can go. From here we can start applying optimisation techniques to make and sustain significant improvements.

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