Oil and Gas Case Studies

For the past 5 years we’ve been providing monitoring and early-warning in the oil and gas industry for compressor stations and gas-fired power stations with a lot of success. By operationalising the work of engineers in real-time, we are able to identify opportunities and issues quickly at a very low cost.

On top of our on-going offering to clients in the area, we’ve recently been configuring SentientSystem to provide real-time monitoring and optimisation for wells and pumps, specifically within the coal seam gas industry. Drawing upon our existing work in the area, we been working on some experiments with real data from the field with some promising results. It is always nice to know that our offering translates to other parts of the value stream, and our team loves learning the intricacies of new processes, systems and problems.

Modelling a Positive Cavity Pump (PCP)

To demonstrate our learnings, we’ve coded up our virtual PCP model for others to use in an online calculator. It’s a great example of how collaboration can make work easier for operations teams. Go ahead and make a new well, enter in the static parameters and it’s current operating point then share it with a colleague for them to update it and view a trend of the well’s performance.

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