Case Studies

Power Generation

Synengco was founded out of a combined experience of over 25 years working in the industry. Power generation has been our bread and butter ever since. It is an evolving industry, requiring more and more real-time advanced analytics and decision support, to ensure electricity is provided in a cost effective and sustainable manner, regardless of the source. The high criticality, dynamics and complexity mean we are constantly faced with difficult and unique problems to solve, meaning our development can stay cutting-edge.

You can see an work-in-progress sample of power generation components in our SentientSystem modelling library here.

Soot Blowing

Many of our power generation clients have benefited from applying SentientSystem for real-time optimisation to their soot blowing schedule. In all cases, the payback period has been under 12 months, most of which were less than 6 months.

Early Warning

Configuring SentientSystem for early warning and detection of faults on our client’s plant is another popular offering of ours. By using the hybrid fundamental engineering model in conjunction with empirical data models, the real-time predictive capability that clients gain allows them to be notified of subtle issues well before they turn into big problems.

Building Energy

Buildings represent a huge proportion of energy consumption and green house gas emissions in Australia and around the globe. As the maturity of data availability and resolution improves on buildings with smart metering and building management systems, we have been excited to be able to translate our power generation expertise into a new market. By adapting SentientSystem models and analysis algorithms, we’ve been helping customers that own or manage building assets with number of the different challenges they face.

We have used our capabilities to perform strategic decision support to hospitals, fault detection of HVAC equipment at office and laboratory facilities, monitoring of solar installations on industrial factories, and fleet-wide benchmarking for identifying the highest value opportunities to reduce energy costs.

As well as these jobs, we are also working with a PhD student at QUT who is designing new chilling systems for HVAC that has huge potential to make significant reductions to energy consumption.

We are excited about the potential to make real improvements to building energy efficiency so we are looking for ways to further test and refine our product for the issue. If you would like to be part of our early work in this area, please don’t hesitate to contact us below.

Oil and Gas

For the past 5 years, we have been successfully providing monitoring and early-warning systems in the oil and gas industry, primarily for compressor stations and gas-fired power stations. By operationalising the work of engineers in real-time, we are able to identify opportunities and issues quickly and at a very low cost.

On top of our on-going offering to clients in the area, we’ve recently been configuring SentientSystem to provide real-time monitoring and optimisation for wells and pumps, specifically within the coal seam gas industry. Drawing upon our existing work in the area, we’ve been working on some experiments with real data from the field with some promising results. It is always nice to know that our offering translates to other parts of the oil and gas value stream, and our team is loving learning the intricacies of new processes, systems and problems.

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