Where did we come from?

Synengco’s humble beginnings were a result of our CEO, Mr Don Sands’s vision in 2001 to systematize decision making in dynamic industries.

While consulting within the energy industry, Don’s personal observation was that a lot of decisions being made, were not necessarily correct if you analysed the data. Repeated failures of machinery, the high cost of engineering repairs and the nonexistence of early warning mechanisms, triggered his desire to provide a better, more permanent solution for his clients.

Don’s desire to link the patterns found in historical data with real time data, drove him to create a better tool, finding that the existing software he was using at the time was not capable of processing the complex, technical algorithms required. His small team then commenced building its own tool, SentientSystem, from the ground up, independently moving towards a model-based decision-making platform rather than a more traditional rule-based decision-making platform.

The other element driving the development of SentientSystem, is Don’s “whole of system approach” to problem solving. Being involved with the process teams in large organizations, he found that key performance indicators for some process teams didn’t necessarily align with the objectives of the overall business. He found that often process teams were implementing procedures that were beneficial for their goals, but were a detriment to other sectional teams and their goals. If we look at performance from a whole of system perspective rather than from our individual component perspective, optimized decision-making increases efficiency and reduces waste.

Don’s vision to make better decisions with real-time data in a whole of system environment not only pre-emptively identifies potential issue for his clients, but brings together complex business operations seamlessly. Since then, Synengco has been developing and refining its software, SentientSystem, so it now has the ability to provide a digital twin framework for any business operation that has data and knowledge associated with it.

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